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Embrace Your Inner Chef!

Guests cook their own meals following the easy-to-follow recipes from our custom designed food science course and recipe plan, The Planet Friendly Diet. We provide the ingredients, which guests shop for – they choose their own tomatoes, or substitutes, taking ownership of any adaptations required.

Supports Your Workout Schedule

The food style at Whistler Fitness Vacations is modern and designed to support your workout schedule here in Whistler. Dishes are energizing and delicious – many guests say that it’s one of the highlights of their program!

The Planet Friendly Diet: Highlights

Try Plant-Based Cooking

Go Without Gluten, Wheat & Dairy

Designed For Your Stay

Dinner In 20 Minutes

Find Peace With Food

It’s Planet Friendly!

Try Plant-Based Cooking

Learning to cook is an exciting, liberating experience and we are proud to provide simple recipes that are gluten, wheat, dairy and meat free. 

The Planet Friendly Diet is a simple step-by-step program for a complete detox and reboot, exclusively for women who have 30lbs or more to lose. It’s suitable for diabetics, is very low soy, moderately low carbohydrate and sugar.

The ingredients are chosen for their scientific properties in eliminating the side effects of giving up sugar, alcohol, salt, nicotine and junk food. All guests must refrain from these toxins during their stay at Whistler Fitness Vacations.

Go Without Gluten, Wheat & Dairy

Your stay at Whistler Fitness Vacations is meat, dairy, wheat and gluten-free, and comes with a weekly shopping list to ensure zero-waste and zero leftover ingredients. This alleviates temptation to binge and veer off track from your plan because there are no ingredients!

We’ve got loads of experience with overeating patterns that have caused many of our wonderful guests anxieties in the past, so have set up a caring and practical way to get you through the stay without feeling deprived, or urge to binge.

It’s Planet Friendly!

Whether you want to give your eating patterns a complete makeover or just kick-start a change towards a healthier life, The Planet Friendly Diet will motivate, educate and empower you.

Fully illustrated with mouthwatering images of each (internationally inspired) recipe, it’s like having your very own nutrition coach and personal chef. Not only will you lose weight, get fit and feel great-you’ll be contributing to a wider humanitarian cause.

Whether you want to give your eating patterns a complete makeover or just kick start a change towards a healthier life, The Planet Friendly Diet will motivate, educate and empower you, showing you how to put exciting, healthy dinners on the table while reducing your food’s environmental impact.

Dinner In 20 Minutes

Jump start your journey to optimum health with the all-inclusive 21-day meal plan, and then apply the information in the accompanying nutrition guide to transform short-term success into long-term, sustainable results.

All single-portion recipes:

  • Use fresh, every day ingredients
  • Cost less than $5 to cook again when you get home!
  • Are under 500 calories
  • Take no more than 20 minutes to prepare.

One of the GREAT things about our program is that everything you eat, you learn the recipe for. This means sustainable change because you’ll get to take the recipes into your own kitchen, using your own taste and preferences. The recipe book comes with a full explanation of why each ingredient is used including benefits, so that you can move towards the mindset of food being your medicine.

Designed For Your Stay

The plan is deliciously meat free as well, with healthy fish and moderately low carbohydrate that is suitable in sugar for diabetics. It’s been used and approved by many physicians and dieticians, designed by a licensed Sports Nutritionist.

Find Peace With Food

One of the most popular parts of our weight loss retreat are the nutrition workshops with the creator of The Planet Friendly Diet, Cat Smiley, who is a certified Sports Nutritionist. She breaks down the complicated stuff to guests, teaching them in an empowered way how easy it is to eat healthy and find peace with food. The Planet Friendly Diet is set up with binge eaters and overeaters as key users of the program, therefore no trigger foods or leftover ingredients are available to guests.

The Unlikely Story

Sports Nutritionist and owner of WFV Cat Smiley pieced together this beautifully designed diet plan from five years of word documents and customized menus to share her simplified solution.

With the help of dietician students who interned the summer of 2010 with her, the first edition of The Planet Friendly Diet was born. Six years later, it was republished in mainstream publishing house by New Society Publishers, distributed to book stores around North America. Cat Smiley recalled the book and ended the contract in 2018, taking full ownership of its rights and readership. It is now available exclusively for WFV guests

Zero Waste, One Portion Meals

As part of our green commitment, our meal plan is zero waste. Grocery shopping is a key part of the learning experience and our system is carefully set up to alleviate mind or body urges to binge after dinner. Only the food that you need for the week is provided.

We have a strict ‘no outside food’ policy at WFV. This means that everyone is on the same page with meals – everyone striving for success with the same positive spirit! Usually everyone is lodged on the same floor, which makes it easy to get together for cooking or dinner as you feel like. If you want to do your own thing, that’s okay too! There’s no pressure and no expectation.

We not only show you how to cook healthier, we teach you how to adapt it into your own tastes and preferences once you go home. Lose weight and maintain optimum health while saving money and minimizing the environmental impact of your daily food choices.

[Cat Smiley says], “Food is one relationship we all have in common…” Food is also information, affecting the expression of our genes. Food is energy. Food is connection. And finally, food is medicine. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”

With a bright, fresh perspective and well-rounded view on health, The Planet Friendly Diet is the book I travel around the world with!
— KYLIE BAX, Supermodel and Mum

The Planet Friendly Diet connects the dots between a healthy environment and a healthy body. If more of us read this book and followed its sensible and inspiring message to eat as if the world depended on it, we’d all be better off.
— DAVID TRACEY, author, Urban Agriculture

Planet Friendly Recipes

For more information on how our food plan works, adaptations, nutritional details and more, see page 60-68 of our catalog. You can also try 2 days meal plan from the retreat by joining our 2-week discovery emails.

If you’d like a copy of the plan prior to arrival so you can show your naturopath, doctor or dietician (or even to reassure yourself that the meals will meet your satisfaction, or exceed them) please head over to amazon on our contact page and purchase a print catalog. You can also see 7 days of the menu and ingredients used in the blog posts below.

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