The perfect escape to reclaim my life – and get back to being fit.”  Philippa Day

“I’m super happy with the results and recommend WFV to all my friends!” – Rachel Thom

“My body is worth it! Thanks Cat, and your wonderful team!” – Margaret Dobson

Being over 300lbs, I was a little nervous. But here at WFV, everything is possible, based on todays workout.” – Katie Smythe

“Thank you to WFV! Great program, excellent location, great support from Cat, guides and other guests.” – Barb Milsaap

“The 6 weeks really flew by, and I hate to go! Thank you so much for this opportunity. Much love and gratitude.” – Laura Shannon

“I came to WFV after a bout of cancer… now, thanks to you, Cat and your marvelous program I have true, deep hope and belief again that I CAN be really strong again (and fit!). I can’t thank you enough.” – Lettie Holton

“This has been an incredible experience – LIFE CHANGING. Thank you for every single day!” – Gimena Cebbs

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Verified Reviews From Real Guests

Thousands of pounds lost, hundreds of happy customers and 15 years of helping women change their lives. The good buzz from our guests is inspiring us to the moon and back, and we just had to share!

Jordie Thorneycroft, Manitoba, Canada.

“I lost over 30 pounds here in my 6-week stay and I run a mile now in under 12 minutes. When I came here, my fastest mile was almost 17 minutes. That’s unbelievable for me!”

– Jordie Thorneycroft, Manitoba, Canada.


Linda Mullen, Alberta, Canada

I lost almost 60 pounds in my 8 week stay here at Whistler Fitness Vacations. What an amazing experience! I’ve taken away so much. I’ve had a great kick-start and now feel I can become healthy independently. You are awesome Cat, for being so attentive and dedicated to my success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Linda Mullen, Alberta, Canada


Gimena Cebellas, Mexico City, Mex

This has been an incredible experience. IT HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING. The tools you’ve given me are all I need to achieve my goals in a truly realistic way. I can see myself being an active person for the rest of my life – I leave feeling amazing and a changed person! Thank you for each and every single day!

– Gimena Cebellas, Mexico City, Mex


Christine Epsimos, Texas, USA

Whistler Fitness Vacations made me drop 25lbs in the month, down to 135lbs! I was so excited, I could hardly control myself. Cat Smiley is a true leader in the quest for sustainable weight loss. My stay at WFV was nothing less than extraordinary.

– Christine Epsimos, Texas, USA


Cat Santos-Viera, Mississauga, USA

Thank you so much, I’m so much happier. A weight has literally been lifted. I lost 16 and 25 pounds in four weeks. I’m excited to finally live my life the way I was meant to!

– Cat Santos-Viera, Mississauga, USA


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“I lost almost 20 pounds in the one month at Whistler Fitness Vacations and kept it off for almost 2 years. Whistler is one of the most incredible places in the world! I recommend it to anyone, the mountains, the sights, it’s absolutely beautiful. The program gave me all the tools to fit into any program back home. I made some really great friends – everyone was so supportive! The investment on my health was so worth it, I would recommend it to anyone – just get out there and go do it!”

Robyn Graham


“To think is to create! Enter Whistler Fitness Vacations – a physical, mental and spiritual transformation began. I believe in myself again. A magnificent program, in a beautiful locale, with tremendous people! Thank you!”

Helaine Morres


“Cat, you’re a coach who saw more in me than I could ever have. You taught me to discipline this mind and body – raised my expectations and dreams beyond myself. I’m a greater person for it – you taught me not to quit.”

Myrah Osman


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