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Nestled in the spectacular Coast Mountains less than two hours from Vancouver, British Columbia, Whistler is Canada’s premier year-round destination and Host Mountain Resort for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Distinguished by impressive twin mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, and surrounded by forested valleys, rivers and lakes, the resort offers countless outdoor adventures. Skiing and snowboarding are the biggest draw, but golf, mountain biking, and a long list of other winter and summer activities bring people here, and bring them back again and again. The mountains blend seamlessly with Whistler Village, a vibrant town center with every amenity for the traveller: diverse accommodations, local and international cuisine, shops, arts and cultural centers, wellness spas and entertainment venues. Much of the village is pedestrian-only.

Whistler is consistently rated one of the world’s top year-round destination resorts, and has received international recognition for its visionary and innovative work as a sustainable community.

Itinerary at a glance

Day 1 – Discovery & Exploration

With fitness testing and getting to know you a little better so that we can best assign your workout programming, the first day at Whistler Fitness Vacations includes exploring the renowned treasures – all within steps of your lodging. Today we will also do our team grocery shop and prepare you for the journey ahead.

Day 3 – Enjoying The Valley On Bike

Our comfortable cruiser bikes are perfect for peddling the paved trail network around the valley. With over 40kms of car-free trails, there’s always somewhere new to explore! Perhaps today you’ll experience the wonder of Whistler’s stunning lakes – nothing prepares you for these incredible vistas.

Day 5 – Kayaking A Glacial Lake

The extraordinary Alta Lake under Whistler Mountain will take your breath away. You’ll be briefed by a qualified kayaking instructor and in your own single kayak (unless you prefer a double). The striking dock is an amazing place for a gentle stretch before your master class on nutrition science in the afternoon.

Day 2 – Hiking Through Old Growth Forests

Depending on your starting point, you’ll discover the ultimate experience that Whistler is famous for – the forest nature trails. After visiting Lost Lake you’ll either hike or bike through the interpretive trails with new friends and fitness guide. Find your potential with an afternoon workout class – designed for you.

Day 4 – Over The Rainbow

You’ll likely be a few pounds lighter already this week, feeling stronger and more energized. Today you might bike to the historical Rainbow Park, with green grass area, sandy beach, volleyball courts and large open space. Soak the mountains that frame the lake you’ll be kayaking on tomorrow!

Days 6 – Relax, Restore or Adventure!

Enjoy free time to roam Whistler village, you might even catch one of the many festivals or concerts in town! With the weekends off from your fitness schedule, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet up with the others in the group for some fun social time.

Multi-week stays experience seamless rollover without room changes or interruption to schedule. For 3 and 4 week programs, we start and finish guests on the same dates so that you can go through the experience together. Food is provided for the week every Monday (you never need to buy your own ingredients). Please note: due to the progressive nature of our program, Day 1 must be a Monday. Above is a sample week only – detailed schedule is provided once we have assessed your fitness level.

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Select Your Stay

Kick Start - 1 Week

If you’re looking to begin a more active lifestyle while learning valuable tips to implement at home, one week at Whistler Fitness Vacations is for you! Every day is different; with new friends and beautiful scenery it’s the perfect way to experience the active side of Whistler safely – at your fitness level.


CAD $4,674

Revitalizer - 2 Weeks

Twice the fun of our one-week program, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself to achieve faster times, stronger reps and better understanding of how to make this a way-of-life. The Revitalizer program is less of a ‘vacation’ than our one-week program, with enhanced reboot benefits and sense of empowerment.

CAD $9,173

Habit Changer - 3 Weeks

Tired of starting over? Whistler Fitness Vacations 21-day program will take you all the way into the habit of making healthier, fitter and lighter choices. This is the perfect duration to discover your athletic potential and maximize weight loss results while being guided through the stages of motivation to continue at home.

CAD $13,788

Total Reboot - 4 Weeks

Our most popular program, this weight-loss immersion program has all the benefits of the 4-week stay, with the added week to continue challenging you. See for yourself why many happy customers have lost as much as 35lbs during their month body transformation with us.

CAD $18,433

Total Immersion - 6 Weeks

Truly a magical experience, Total Immersion gives you that extra few weeks of results, practice and routine – really making the difference in your results. You’ve come this far, why not push your limits just a little bit more! Upgrade your life dramatically; body, mind and spirit.


CAD $27,224

Life Changer – 8 Weeks

The Life Changer package is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to upgrade everything – incredible fitness improvement, phenomenal weight loss, transformed sense of self. In every possible way! If you have time and budget to do this program, it will be the ultimate game changer.


CAD $34,280

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