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5 Book Set of WFV Home Edition

Your program continues long before – and after – your stay with us at Whistler Fitness Vacations (if you want it to)!

Cat Smiley has put together her entire blueprint of everything that you do in Whistler, as well as all the lessons and day-to-day schedules. Each book set is chockablock full of 200+ gorgeous pages that make it easy for you to SMASH your goals. You’ll become educated, inspired and motivated to get into the best shape of your life – and maintain it, well beyond the 28-day program.

With 3 different beginner levels to choose from and Jump School Plus, our graduate level (for when you achieve healthy weight and advanced fitness), your beautifully presented box set is exclusively available for in-house guests. If you’ve signed up for the Starter Kit already (here) we’ll shoot you an email when the online academy becomes available.  

Following fitness assessment on Monday, Cat will assign you the correct level that you’ll be following for the next 28 days based on your present ability. 

Each book can be repeated as many times as needed to meet the next level in your fitness, as you slim down towards optimal body weight and achieve new heights in your athletic ability you’ll be able to track your progress with immaculate organization. Not only is it incredibly empowering to see how far you have come, the easy formula of data collection each day makes coaching you to greater success straight forward.

“Our intention is to have every guest in session leave us feeling empowered to be their own guru.

Support Book

Whistler Fitness Vacations essential support book is for those in session with us at Whistler. This is the golden strategy of life coaching questions that will guide you towards turning your stay with us into a permanent lifestyle transformation. This workbook and course manual guides you towards both personal reflection and essential learning experiences, with mandatory assignments each day. The small-group educational sessions with Cat Smiley in Whistler use this course curriculum, meticulously organized from seeing pages and pages of notes from our dedicated guests. We were inspired to make our program even more structured! So after hundreds of hours writing, brain-storming and designing, our 2018 clients will have access to our most powerful course curriculum that we’ve ever provided! We can’t wait to share it with you.  

In Whistler, you will be assigned either the Blue or Red program for 28 days, depending on level of ability. We offer Green program to guests who are just new to riding a bike and swimming. If your mile is presently slower than 25 minutes, this is the program you need to follow to build yourself up to be ready for arrival day. Black program is the graduate program that some guests will be able to do once they go home, or for extended stay guests who progress past the beginner level that they arrived at during the course of their stay!


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