About Us

We Make Healthy Weight, Happen.

Whistler Fitness Vacations is a luxury weight loss retreat for women, located in Whistler, B.C., Canada.

We provide award-winning fitness programming, lifestyle coaching, holistic nutrition and amazing outdoor adventures to women of beginner fitness levels (who are outside healthy weight range and are between 20 and 70 years old).

Each day is packed with an amazing low-impact yet high intensity schedule with up to 4 different beginner paces per session.

Activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, water workouts, strength training, small-group personal training, outdoor fitness classes and learning opportunities. Educational workshops include personal development, fitness and nutrition science plus master classes throughout your stay.

Your experience is directed by Three Time Canadian Trainer of the Year, Cat Smiley. Facilitated outdoors with smart, fun, fitness guides, you’ll maximize results while guarding your safety. We’re here to make things great!

Story Time! How It All Began

Owned and operated by Three Time Canadian Trainer of the Year, Cat Smiley launched her first fitness business in 2001, and has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau since then.

From 2005 to 2008 following successful Biggest Loser auditions (down to the final 10 trainers for two shows) and rising publicity as a sought after body transformation specialist, she was offered an increasing amount of ‘celebrity trainer’ opportunities that required traveling and on-location work. She tried a few but her heart wasn’t in it…she missed her Whistler life. 

Her light bulb moment came when she cancelled a red-carpet event in New York with a prospective body transformation customer. Reasons? Nothing to wear (hello mountain girl!) and didn’t know what ‘all that cutlery was for in those fancy restaurants’ where she’d be meeting them. Friends agreed, joking that there’s just no way she’d make a good impression! 

To her shock, the NY folks responded by hopping on the plane and bringing their party to Whistler to meet her! She took them to her favorite sushi house and agreed in amazement to work full-time with their client in Whistler, on a private body transformation.

Coordinating lodging for five months, designing custom diets and spending all day hiking, biking, boot camping, running, and strength training towards losing 70 pounds…the client went home and told all her friends and family about her incredible experience. They too wanted to book the same ‘weight loss vacation in Whistler’…and could they bring a friend to make it ‘more affordable?’ Yes of course, as long as they were also of beginner fitness level, and needed to lose weight,’ replied Cat.

Voila, Whistler Fitness Vacations was born…2008.

And going into 2019 season, stronger than ever with 1 – 8 week full-time immersion programs in partnership with the Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler. There are 17 weeks available to join us in 2019, from April 21 through September 8, with 6 program start dates.

We’d love to welcome you to join us.

Happy Customer Share their Stories

Whistler Fitness Vacations is that super active awesome adventure that you perhaps wished you would do, but didn’t think you’d be able to keep up with the group. Or doubted your ability to stick with it.

Our goal at WFV is to make this the last fitness retreat or weight loss program (and diet!!) that you’ll ever do. You’ll slim down to healthy weight, and have all the tools, motivation and inspiration to continue at home. Your next vacation might just be joining a cycle tour in Italy! Or hiking the great wall of China.

Where-ever you go from here, you’ll feel confident in your physical abilities and empowered to make dreams come true. 

4 Secret Perks of Choosing Us

The Location

Come see the local side of Whistler. Together, we’ll explore the trails best suited for your level – avoiding the crowds and getting off the beaten track!


It just feels good to be here

Whistler is ranked in the top 10 luxury resort destinations in North America. There’s so much to do here. Plus, spouses and dogs stay free!


It’s good for the soul

Saying ‘yes’ to adventure and being treated like an athlete-in-training is good for the soul. Let us take care of you, so you can give yourself a break. 


Refreshing mountain weather

Whistler weather is invigorating and refreshing, even on the hottest day! It’s never too hot or too cold to get active in our beautiful mountain town.


Featured Staff

Note: our fitness team changes each year, due to the transient nature of Whistler’s resort town. Hiring starts in April. We look forward to an amazing 2019 season ahead!


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